SAP Digital Transformation

Design Firm: Clarke   
Direction: Joyce Chen   
Client: SAP Software Solutions

SAP software solutions is a leader in the enterprise software industry. The challenge was to tell a compelling story that defines how the four way leaders set themselves apart in the digital age. This report will give a business leader the tools to achieve efficient technological practices and modern business principles. This story was told through a very simple visualization of statistics and key art.

I, along with a team of designers, collaborated and generated a collection of layouts and ideas. We brainstormed different executions of layouts, key art, styles, and typographic treatments. Through this process, we were able to get a well-rounded understanding of what these four principles represented.

Effective storytelling would rely on the pacing and explanation of the four way leaders set themselves apart. These principles needed to be showcased and supported with statistics that drive the results home.

Rethinking how a single piece of keyart could tell the story was a challenging and fun task. It was interesting to create different concepts that could be implemented into a single scrolling experience. After testing out many different models, we landed on one model that could rotate as the user scrolls, giving a seamless and continuous experience.

How will the key art influence the page design and overall experience?
What pieces of content should be consolidated for responsive?
Where can animation be implemented to enhance content?
How will this content feel video format?

Responsive Site Design
Animated Statistics
Key Art Narrative
Summary Video

Visual Design
Responsive Design
Social Media
Key Art Creation