Direction: Myself   Format: Digital

Product Design: Concept

Move quickly, break things and learn fast. This application was designed with the goal of experiencing the process that is product design. Learning by doing is one of the most effective ways to learn. By no means is the application perfectly finished, or actually exist. Its purpose was to challenge myself to think in different ways, understand the empathy for my user, and to experiment in an iterate process. 

The Problem:
Create a mobile application to order drinks at a bar.

The Solution:
As stated previously, this concept is still a work in progress and can be improved upon with a second iteration. Through this process I found that using a dark color scheme would benefit the user in a social environment where a brightly lit screen can feel distracting or rude. By giving the user an easy and simple experience they are able to order a drink right from their phone and continue with their social interactions without interruption or the hassle of waiting in a physical line.