Morimoto Rebrand

Design Firm: Personal Work   
Direction: Armand Esteves   
Client: Morimoto

This project is a conceptual rebranding of famous Japanese/sushi restaurant, Morimoto. I felt the current identity was a departure from the tradition of the cuisine. This new identity is truly inspired by Japanese culture.

Traditional Japanese symbols felt a bit complex, even intimidating for someone who may not be familiar with that language. Brush stroke texture was another possibility I ventured, but ultimately, abandoned. Sushi has a refined quality in which brush stroke or a hand-drawn quality seems to cheapen the brand. I strived to find a balance between tradition, culture, and modern iconography.

Many of the Japanese symbols I came across had a rich history and culture. I wanted the mark to reflect these qualities while welcoming the future. The typography could speak to the tradition while the symbol can blend the two principles of past and present.

The simplicity of the circle and its relation to japanese culture became an absolutely essential element of the mark. It symbolize refinement and culture. Much like a sushi roll, the overall structure of the circle is integral to its identity as sushi. I began to play inside of the circle, introducing different shapes and how they interacted with the negative and positive space.

Can color invoke tradition?
Can a simple mark feel complex?
Is this too modern?
Is this too traditional?
Can I identify with this mark?

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