King & Spalding

Design Firm: Addison   
Direction: Matthew Carl   
Client: King & Spalding

King and Spalding is a law firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The existing site was due for a complete redesign. This presented some great opportunities to elevate the King and Spalding brand as well as rethink the experience. The fully customized, user-friendly CMS was integrated with the HR database and incorporates seven languages.

I try to keep my process very simple and nimble. Paper and pencil are my go-to tools. Every project starts with a blank slate to establish the clear goals of the project. Once these goals are defined, I begin to explore possible solutions for the problem. Once these ideas are refined, they can be implemented as the solution. 

A wonderful brand refresh was created by Design Director, Matthew Carl. I was fortunate to collaborate with Matthew on a number of projects. His mentoring, direction, and guidance helped me grow throughout the project. Regarding  King and Spalding, the tasks were to create additional styles, interior pages layouts, key graphics, photo editing, iconography, interactions, and responsive breakpoints to reflect the rebrand. It was vital to remain true to the King and Spalding brand by creating graphics that were new and fresh, but remain authentic within this developing style. 

My first plan of attack was to research competitors,gather imagery that could inspire visual theme and aid the thinking process through treatments, layouts, and concepting. This visual research was juxtaposed with the beginning elements of an emerging style Matthew and I continued to explore and refine.

Throughout the project, I continued to ask myself questions to assist my creative process. Keeping myself in a constant, inquisitive frame of mind helps keep my options open.

What should the user feel when they land on a bio page?
When a user searches for an event, will they expect an interactive calendar or a listing page?
How can we shape the content to engage the user?
How can we showcase the latest news updates?
How do we communicate the content contribution of staff members? 
How will this work responsively?

User-Friendly Custom CMS
PDF and Word exports of Bio's & Article posts
Interactive Timeline
Events Calendar
Human Resources Component
Seven Language Toggle
Site Search including News and Insights
Responsive Site Structure 

Visual Design
Responsive Design