Double-Knot Boutique

Design Firm: Flat   
Direction: David Maron   
Client: Double-Knot Boutique

A luxury turkish rug boutique in Soho, New York, aspired to take their retail store and translate it into an ecommerce experience. The business is managed and employed by a single person. Servicing a handful of potential customers at once becomes a herculean task in store. This prompted the business to take their efforts online. With such a large inventory, it became a challenge to create an experience in which the customer is in control and has access to everything the boutique has to offer.

We began our research into interfaces and experiences in which the user can create collections or groups. Collection is a very a natural human behavior and it is one we wanted to highlight throughout the experience. Along with creating a new ecommerce experience, we were tasked with refreshing the brand. All elements of the brand were up for grabs . Through leveraging collections, we created a path for the user to have more opportunities to experience the products first hand.

At the core of Doubleknot is quality, service and authenticity. We experienced these principles upon visiting the store and interacting with customers. They became the foundation for our design choices. Each round of design concepts reflected these principles.

The competitors within the luxury retail industry are plagued with unauthorized and overpriced products. Doubleknot showcases the quality, quantity, and story behind these rugs, which is why Doubleknot sets themselves apart by remaining true to the sourcing and culture of these rugs.

We wanted to make the collection directly accessible to the customer. We created customer-curated collections by allowing the user to assemble and save a collection of rugs he/she likes. The user can then ask to have the collection shipped to them to experience the rugs first-hand prior to purchasing. This sense of creation and collection helps the customer to connect with the brand on a personal level.

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