The Demand Institute

Design Firm: Infinia   
Direction: Derek Love  
Client: The Demand Institute

For this print piece, I was tasked with the overall layout, material, and collateral design. This piece was created to be part of a bigger presentation on the housing crisis in America and utilized as takeaway printed material to illustrate its story through vivid photography, graphs, charts and statistics. A one off poster was also created as a promotional piece.

By looking through many printed books on the subject and sourcing the internet for inspiration, I was able sketch many different treatments. I would push myself to iterate on a single chart until most of the obvious treatments were executed. An iterative process drives my creativity and helps me expand my perspective.  Attempting a wide range of ideas helps me create work that I can refine and bring back down to its essential parts. This type of building and striping keeps me in a creative flux.

Understanding the content of the story with each statistic is essential to create impact and urgency with chart and graph. Digesting the content and conveying clarity were guiding principles. While each chart tells a different story, there needs to be a consistent style throughout the report.

My exploration in this project focused on pure ideation and constant sketching. An iterative process helped me create many variations and options to provide to the client.

What story is the chart trying to tell?  
Can scale add drama?
How will color affect legibility?
Is there a different way to build this chart?

Visual Design
Page Layout
Poster Design
Data Visualization
Print Production

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