The Brooklyn Public Library

Design Firm: Flat   
Direction: David Maron   
Client: The Brooklyn Public Library

The Brooklyn Public Library was searching for a new way to engage existing library members and attract new visitors. Many services, events, and resources were buried within a dated website design. It was time to rethink how The Brooklyn Public Library would be represented online.

Spending time with members of the library provided further insight into the mind of the user. This empathy drove the design to relieve many of the pain-points users were having on the existing site. Meeting with stakeholders shed light on many of the services that were hidden. This process continued through conducting online surveys, site visits, and on-the-street interviews.

The time spent understanding the pain points gave us a chance to reveal services that could have a real impact on the library and help shape the experience. The Brooklyn Public Library was a living, breathing institution. Personality, energy, and excitement were attributes that needed to shine through the site’s branding and experience.

Playing with a fresh color palette and playful iconography gave the brand a refreshed look and feel. Creating a visual style that is akin to children's products made the brand more approachable. We wanted the user to feel joy and have fun while using the site.

Let’s play with color.
Learning is fun and engaging. How do we show this?
What services should be showcased?
What does the voice of The Brooklyn Public Library look like?
Why should I join this library?

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