Active Territory

Design Firm: Independent Study  
Direction: Rachele Riley   
Client: The University of the Arts

I, along with 8 other students, were chosen to be a part of a team that was responsible for creating an identity for a yearly design exhibition. The show took place at The Gallery at Market East in Philadelphia. It was created to display student projects from multiple disciplines. I was responsible for the logotype, physical construction, and installation of graphical applications.

This was a very collaborative process with many designers making very valuable contributions. Much of our time was spent concepting the final mark. We began to sketch very quickly and keep the momentum of the project in a constant state of flux. This was a very quick process and was mainly focused on creating a system that was practical, simple, and easy to reproduce in many different formats.

The basis for the logo was to create an identity for a design exhibition. This exhibition would showcase the work of visual design majors side-by-side with industrial design majors. The premise or theme of the show was based on activating a space that was previously inactive would become injected with energy, art, design, and creativity.

Negative and positive space gave way to many playful concepts, but ultimately revealing the letterforms became the simplest solution. The use of thin rules cutting through and activating the negative spaces within the typography helped establish a visual language that would compliment the logo and create effective communication throughout other applications.

How do you activate a space?
What does the absence of space feel like?
How does the characteristic of energy come into play?

Visual Design
Logo Design
Environmental Signage